Your Heart's Living Room

The other day I was drawn into watching the TV show, Flip This House, when I should have been at the computer working on my latest novel.

In this reality show, people purchase homes, fix them up, and then hope to sell at a large profit.

My husband is fascinated by the world of real estate and he also enjoys construction. I’m more intrigued by watching a house go from dingy, outdated, and ugly to a place of comfort and beauty. I appreciate the change from an artistic point of view.

If done right, the house isn’t just transformed on the outside with a new coat of paint. The contractors make sure that electrical wiring is up to code, rotted wood is replaced, the plumbing is in good condition, and the foundation is strong. The change has to start from the very core of the house.

Isn’t that what also needs to be done in our lives when we want to transform who we are?

It’s not enough to purchase new clothes to cover the outside. Changing our hair color or style may make us feel better about our appearance, but it doesn’t do anything to change who we are inside. Not really.

We need God’s help with that.

A few words from a song that’s become a recent favorite of mine…

Living Room
By Mark Harris

My life has been like an old house…
Far past the outskirts of town
The kind that you see down a dirt road
You wonder why it’s not torn down

Lord, come through the doorway - closed in the past
And tear down the walls of my pride
Open the windows and push out the darkness
By letting in heaven’s good light
Banish the silence

and open this too
Fill up my heart
And make it your living room…

Let be known to all who come near…
This is your home

This is what I want…

For the Lord to make my heart His living room and fill it with love, patience, peace, joy, hope, and forgiveness.

And I desire for all people who come near, to know that He resides there…

What about your heart’s living room?


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