The Blessings of a Smile

Two weeks ago I started a new job with a telecommunications company. My job in cash applications is to resolve issues with missing payments from clients across the country. I’ve been consumed with learning new computer programs and ways to research payment methods.

It’s interesting…but more complicated than I expected. I’m kind of a CSI – (Customer Service Investigator?) - looking for clues that will help solve a mystery. If the client uses a credit card, I may find the payment in someone else’s account by mistake. But if payment is made in cash, it’s much more difficult to find and prove without documentation.

All that said…I arrive home at the end of the day mentally exhausted. There’s no energy left for tackling writing projects or anything else.

Co-workers promise that the job gets much easier with a little time and experience. They all seem to relax and enjoy their day, so I’m counting on what they tell me to be true.

The people in my department are amazing. Their willingness to help and answer questions blows me away. They never balk at stopping their own work in order to explain something or help me figure out a problem that has me stumped.

And they do it with a genuine smile…

Their smiles have welcomed, given encouragement, and provided me with comfort that I’m doing okay.

Their smiles have also made me search my heart and past experiences.

When interrupted in my own work or activity, have I always gone out of my way to help without feeling resentful? Have I always offered a warm smile to a co-worker or client when they needed reassurance?

I’ve learned much over the past two weeks, but probably the most valuable thing I’ve learned is the blessing a simple smile can give.

Go make someone’s day easier.
Give them a smile.


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