Patrick Henry Hughes - An Inspiration

I’ve written before about my feelings in regard to the show, Extreme Makeover, Home Addition, which airs on Sunday nights.

It’s fun for me to see the creativity used in designing the new homes. I enjoy the reveal when I can see the color schemes and décor chosen for each room, not to mention the landscaping implemented.

But far greater than my enjoyment, is the impact the story makes on me each week. To hear about the struggles and sacrifice people make out of love, is truly humbling. I’m often inspired by these families and last night was no exception.

The extreme makeover team visited Louisville, Kentucky, to help out the Hughes family. Patrick Henry Hughes, age nineteen, was born without eyes and the ability to use his legs or stretch out his arms.

His father had looked forward to the arrival of his first born and when it was discovered the baby had disabilities, he asked God, “Why us? Why did you do this to us?” Now his outlook is different and he calls Patrick Henry his hero.

At an early age, Patrick Henry was fitted for glass eyes so that his appearance would look more normal. There's no way for him to get around except by wheelchair or sliding his body along the floor. Their home had become almost a prison for him because of small spaces and narrow doorways.

This young man is a gifted musician and started playing the piano at nine months old. He also plays the trumpet for the University of Louisville Marching Band. Along with a beautiful new home, the extreme makeover team fixed up the practice field used by the band. In order for him to play with the group, his father pushes his wheelchair and follows the changing formations of the band.

Patrick Henry blew me away. He’s an amazing and intelligent person who focuses on what he can do, as opposed to what he can’t do. This young man stated that because he has no concept of white, black, yellow, or red – the color of a person’s skin has no meaning for him. He only sees what a person looks like on the inside.

His positive and appreciative outlook touched me.

The show closed with Patrick Henry playing the piano and singing about faith. One of the show’s team members broke down in sobs. Patrick is truly an inspiration and an example of what it means to walk by faith, not by sight.

Like Patrick’s father, we may cry out to God at times, asking why us? Only He knows the reason why some things are allowed to happen. Our job is to trust.

The Hughes family may have been given a new home – but I think they gave the builders and viewers far more.

To learn more about Patrick Henry Hughes and listen to his music, go to

Or check out his web site at


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