Scared? Spooked? Trust Your Gut Instinct

Halloween is associated with haunted houses, vampires, ghosts…and being scared.

I personally enjoy movies that are a little scary and contain suspense. Do you?

However, it drives me CRAZY when one of the characters ventures into a dark basement or other area alone while a murderer is known to be in the vicinity. Doesn’t he or she have any intelligence or common sense?

Or are they just refusing to pay attention?

You know…to that sick feeling in your gut when a situation or someone doesn’t feel quite right?

I had one of those moments the other day. A man came into the dealership and headed straight for my desk. He wanted to speak to the manager. It took a nanosecond to read him. The guy was sleazy. Big gold chain around his neck, unlit cigarette in hand, and a cocky attitude that made me nauseous.

God gave us a wonderful gift when He provided us with great instincts. But, too often we disregard them. We downplay warning signals that our inner spirit sends to our head and heart.

In many cases, women are more likely to push those nagging feelings away. We don’t want to appear to be rude or unkind. But, if we listen to them, they can keep us out of uncomfortable situations or even danger.

Trust your gut instinct.

Stay away from dark,
empty houses…
and slime balls.

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  1. Great post. Yes, we often know to stay away and then we push aside our instinct or the discernment that God has gifted us with because we don't want to be perceieved as wimpy, co-dependent, etc.


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