Able to Laugh at Yourself?

I’m not a fan of reality TV, but I’m drawn to “Dancing with the Stars.” I live vicariously through the dancers and dream of moving with the same strength and grace they’ve attained on the floor.

It takes a lot of determination and guts to dance in front of millions of viewers and then be judged on the details of every move. The stellar performances come at a painful price. The stars work their bodies into exhaustion while trying to perfect the rigorous routines.

Last night, Marie Osmond fainted after she and her partner danced the Samba. She dropped to the floor while awaiting the judges’ comments.

Marie may have felt embarrassed, but she has a delightful sense of humor. Instead of taking herself too seriously, she laughed it off and explained that it happens when she forgets to breathe. A real trooper, she got up and continued the show.

Over these past few weeks, I’ve learned to respect this woman and the way she’s able to find humor in daily life.

We could all stand to do the same.
Most of us take life way too seriously.

God gave us the gift of humor.
He loves to hear us laugh.

Go ahead.
It will do you good.


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