Need Directions?

I’m frequently asked to give directions over the phone to people coming to the dealership where I’m employed.

I’m sympathetic to customers who have taken a wrong turn and call with, “Can you help me? I’m trying to get to you, but I don’t know where I am.”

When it comes to driving, I’m directionally challenged myself. Don’t tell me to turn north or south. I need left or right and I never leave for foreign territory without having map quested.

With lost customers, I ask questions until I can get a visual of where they’re located and then talk them through until they arrive. We’re not a difficult place to find, but some people come from a distance, and if not familiar with the area, anyone can get turned around.

Once they reach our location, many seek me out. “Are you the nice lady who gave us directions? Thank you for the help.”

Directions are necessary if you’re going to arrive at your destination, try out a new dish on the family, or assemble anything technical.

Direction is also important in making life decisions and choosing the right path for our lives. We’re fortunate to have such help at our fingertips. It’s called the Bible.

And if we ever feel totally lost? God is only a prayer away, willing to help us find our way.


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