My Dream - What do You Think it Means?

Do you ever wake up wondering if the dream you just had means anything?

Such as...

Was your subconscious trying to send you a message?

Was God speaking to you through a dream because you weren’t receptive to what you were hearing or experiencing while awake?

I had a dream this morning and I woke up asking, “What was that all about?”

Dreams are always difficult to explain to someone else because of how a scene can suddenly shift to another. So, I won’t even try to explain the details, but everything was vivid…colors, textures, and emotions.

I stood at the top of a cliff overlooking a huge, very blue lake. Below me were aluminum platforms descending beneath each other down to a larger platform.

On impulse (there’s that word again) I followed another person and dropped to the platform below me. But, then realized that move was a huge mistake and decided I needed to climb back to the top. I grasped iron rungs that had been pounded into the rock wall and tried to pull myself up. But, once I reached the midpoint to the top of the cliff, I could go no further.

Above me a construction worker kept yelling in an angry voice to hurry because they had to close the area for the day. I looked below and saw that what had once been water was now a large construction site.

I looked to the right and saw that all along there had been a road from the bottom of the site to the top of the cliff. A road that had a slight slope and could be was easily taken to the top.

All I needed to do was let go and drop to the ground.

I let go and fell below (unhurt, of course) and with ease walked up the road to the top of the cliff. People I knew greeted me and we celebrated the end of the day by eating popcorn and drinking champagne. (Weird, I know. But, I love both popcorn and champagne.)

These are questions I’ve been asking myself.

Am I trying to make some things in my life too difficult?
Am I trying too hard to make things happen?
Do I need to let go and allow God do His thing?
And when I’m able to fully release some things to Him, will He show me a less stressful path to take?

What do you think I’m supposed to take away from this dream?

Always analytical,


  1. Hi Dawn, I've always believed that the dreams I have that really stick with me through the day, with details intact, are ones that God has given me to teach me something...or because I'm too busy during the day to listen to His voice. They usually do have strong spiritual symbolism and I think you're on the right track. I'd suggest you continue to pray about it, asking the Lord what He was speaking to you and wants you to learnl...I've found He's always faithful to answer that type of prayer.

    I also wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog today and leaving a comment about my new book cover. I appreciate you!

  2. Thanks, Miralee...
    I've been giving this dream alot of thought and I appreciate what you shared.

    I want to be open to the various ways God speaks to us and I believe dreams are used by Him to reach us.


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