Extreme Makeover...Home Edition

I don’t enjoy reality television. Most of it makes me crazy.

But, there is an exception. I love watching Extreme Makeover...Home Edition. I cry every time. And yes, I can get a little teary over Hallmark commercials, too.

I know. Much of the show is probably staged. I’m not naïve. It’s still the world of television. The producers and directors know what will tug on America’s heartstrings.

But, despite the staged elements and overly dramatized pieces, it brings an hour of hope into our homes. Hope because there are people willing to help others. Hope because in the midst of hard times, good things can still happen.

My husband and I recently finished remodeling our home. The job took six months and during that time we lived in a disaster area. Our house was not a haven and it affected our ability to relax and find a sense of peace.

My environment is very important to me. We’ve designed our home to be peaceful, but also warm and welcoming to friends and family. It’s my sanctuary from the outside world and every day I’m thankful for how blessed I am.

Maybe that’s why it gives me such joy to watch struggling families be able to move from unlivable conditions into a home that will bring them comfort and their own haven.

Many of the people chosen for home makeovers seem to have faith in God. That faith has kept them going. They’re close-knit families who serve their communities and give more than what they ever personally ask for. As with the case of the last family, they’ve gone to great lengths to help others while not disclosing their own dire situations.

Families chosen for home makeovers don’t ask for much. The young girl from last Sunday night’s family just wanted a functioning toilet. It was hurtful and embarrassing to have her friends ask to use the bathroom. Her mother, overwhelmed, almost dropped to the ground sobbing when taken into her own bathroom in the new home.

For me, this show is a tangible way in how God works. If we are faithful, He gives us so much more than what we can dream or ask for. Sometimes it requires patience and perseverance, but He doesn’t let us down.

Good things do happen to good people.

Construction Worker

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