Knowing the Why Behind Our Goals

Knowing the Why Behind Our Goals

You have a dream—something you’ve wanted to accomplish for a long time—or something new that has you up late at night contemplating the possibility of making it come true.

In recent sermons, our pastor has been talking about finding our purpose—pursuing our dreams. He’s addressed discovering what they are and then how to get results.

Another key component he’s also focused on is the why. It’s important to know the motives behind our dreams. Do we have a need to satisfy our egos? Make money so we can spend more on ourselves? Prove that we’re better than someone else?

If the why is only self-serving, reaching the goal may end up feeling less than satisfying.

I’ve been asking myself why for a long time. It’s a tool I use to keep myself in check when I’m faced with almost any decision. Sometimes the answer makes me cringe because I realize an unhealthy motive. But asking why also helps me make clear decisions about saying yes or no to volunteer positions, job opportunities, or social engagements.

 Knowing my why has also been critical in pursuing publishing. This writing gig isn’t easy, but it definitely helps during the challenging times to know why I’m spending hours, days, and years, putting words down. Contrary to what some believe, unless authors are on the same level as Stephen King, J.K Rowling, or Danielle Steele, they don’t make much money. Most writers don’t write to get rich.

I write because without a creative outlet, a place in my heart feels empty, and when that happens, I get restless and irritable. My mellow personality transforms if I’ve gone too long without creating something.

I also write out of a desire to make a difference in readers’ lives. It’s my hope that my stories will inspire, encourage, entertain, and draw people into a closer understanding of who God is and how much he loves and wants for them.

If we understand why we’re traveling toward a destination, we’re less likely to leave the path that will lead us there. I really believe that. Do you?

What is your why?


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