How Do You Want the Story of Your Life to Read?

Each day we write another page to our personal story . . .

I’m not talking about writing a memoir or an autobiography. I’m referring to the choices we make every day and how those decisions affect not only us, but those around us.

But, let’s talk about story writing . . .

When an author pens a novel, key elements are used in creating interesting, real, and relatable characters.

For instance, a main character needs:

  1. A worthy goal that is reached by the end of the book. Example: Karen must find a way to raise $48,000 or she’ll lose her farm that has been in the family for three generations.
  2. A flaw that becomes less of a problem as the character grows during the story. Example: Melissa has such a strong desire to be “needed,” that she often makes decisions or plans for other people before finding out what they really need or want.
  3. A fear that must be faced and overcome (even if not totally eliminated). Example: John is claustrophobic, but he crawls into a small space to save a child. 
  4. A spiritual lie (inspirational novels) that is believed and then dispelled by the end of the story. Example: Mary believes that God never loved her because not only were her parents killed in a car accident, she was abused in a foster home.

I know—novels are fiction. They’re make-believe. They’re created in someone’s imagination. Still, they reflect life.

So, if a novel were written with you as the main character, would you know how to answer the following four questions?

  1. Do you have a goal or dream that is worth striving for? Are you willing to do what it takes to achieve it?
  2. Are there flaws in your character that could be changed over time if you tried?
  3. Is there a fear you’d like to overcome?
  4. Are you struggling with believing God exists—or if you’re a believer, is there something holding you back from living with complete freedom in your faith? Is there any chance you’re holding on to an untruth? What would it take to find out?

The story of my life—your life—are our legacies. How do you want your story to read?


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