While You’re Waiting for Your Dreams to Come True

It’s difficult to wait for something we’ve dreamed of—especially when we’ve worked hard and pursued it with all the ambition and energy we could muster.

We may see opportunities given to others, maybe even similar to those we’ve desired, only to have the door slam before we could slip through the crack.

How we deal with those situations says a lot about our character—and our faith in a God who knows what’s best. Timing can be everything. Perhaps there are reasons unfathomable to us at present, but will be made clear when we reach another destination in our journey.

If you’re in a time of waiting, I encourage you to be patient. Have faith. The Lord knows the desires of your heart and he wants to give them to you.

John Waller’s song “While I’m Waiting” has meant a lot to me, so I hope you take time to listen to the video below.

What do the words mean to you at this point in your life?



  1. While I wait, I focus on Him and Him alone. He truly knows best. After constantly getting ahead of Him, and into trouble, I've learned to wait! While I wait I prepare so that I will be ready for when the time comes to move. Love this song.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Gail! I'm glad you enjoyed the song ... it always inspires me during a time of waiting for answers or something to move forward. I've gotten into trouble by moving ahead of God too! Things seem to work out so much better when I'm patient and wait on his timing!


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