Color in the Gray

Gray, dreary skies may make us feel less energetic. They may even contribute to grumpy moods.  But there are times when cloudy days can be beneficial.

Sure, we all know they can be good for cleaning out closets, snuggling up by a fire to watch a movie or read a book, or simmering chili in a slow cooker all day. My hubby makes the best chili!

But, I'm thinking of something entirely different.

As a person who loves taking photos, I’ve learned that some of the best shots are taken when the sun is absent. How can that be?

Have you ever noticed that when you take pictures on cloudless days, sometimes the colors in your photographs fade under the sun’s brilliance? People’s faces may look either washed out or partially hidden in shadows. Glare can also affect the shot’s success. But take photographs when there is a slight rain, and most likely you’ll get beautiful colors that pop from the images.

You don’t need to be a camera fanatic to notice—just look out your window on a drizzly day and take in the sharp, rich colors.

Life can be similar . . .   

If we were to experience only good times (sunny days), we may start taking our blessings for granted. They’d pale and become less exciting. But when we’re struggling (rainy days), moments of goodness, kindness, or fun are so appreciated! They can seem like vivid colors in contrast to dark walls closing in around us.

Are you going through a rough time right now? Challenge yourself to look for the good things in each day, regardless how small, and embrace them.

Do you know someone who is struggling? Think of one thing you can you do to bring some color into that persons gray world.


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