It’s All a Matter of Perspective

Most often there are more ways than one to physically or mentally view something, but are we always willing to look?

I recently took over a frustrating project from my husband and we both learned a lesson …

He enjoys grilling and took a step up this year by taking a six-hour class on grilling and smoking. To better enjoy his hobby, he built his own smoker. Once he had everything set up, we realized it would be helpful for him to have stand where he could set the food and various tools.

So, we searched and found the perfect thing for the right price on Amazon. He could store his gloves and utensils inside, and the unit would fit between the grill and the smoker. But when it arrived, he couldn’t assemble it. The pieces were supposed to just pop together—but no amount of force would convince the first two pieces to unite.

I looked at the directions—knowing that like many men, he often doesn’t take the time. I ran into the same problem. We set it aside and he called a help line, but received no answers.

We decided to return the product, and I contacted Amazon, but was told that we would get a response within a few days from the manufacturer. In the meantime, I spent time going through the many Amazon reviews. They were split. Some people loved the prep table, saying it went together with no problem. Others had our same experience—the pieces didn’t connect.

Then I came across a review where the purchaser said once he realized his error, he laughed at himself. He’d been trying to attach the door to the wrong side. Once he flipped the bottom piece over, the unit went to together like a charm.

I read his review to my husband, and he went into the other room and attempted the task again. No luck.

That night, I just couldn’t let it go. Something told me inside that what I’d shared with my husband hadn’t clicked. After he went to bed, I tackled the project again—only this time approaching it a different way.

It worked!!!

Within an hour and a half, I had the prep table put together and standing in the kitchen for him to see first thing in the morning.

I was quite proud, and he was thrilled! The experience reminded us that sometimes we get too locked into doing something one way. Then we get angry when things don’t work—when all it might take is a willingness to look at a problem differently.

Our limited perspective doesn’t just apply to projects. It affects the way we view people, politics, cultures, religions—almost anything.

What if we were willing to take the time to see another way—another side?

Perhaps more problems would be solved … and people would appreciate what others have to offer.

Have you ever had to adjust your thinking in order to solve a problem?



  1. Anonymous5:30 AM

    Thanks so much, Dawn. I think your advice may be needful in my life right now with a problem we are currently dealing with. I sat on the side of my bed last night unable to sleep. I felt the tears beginning to bubble up. I had a good cry quietly in the living room so I would not wake my husband. (He has to get up early.)
    This morning I happened to find your article. Maybe I'm looking at things in the wrong way. I will pray for a different perspective. Thank you.

    1. I'm so sorry that you're experiencing a painful situation right now. Thank you for sharing and letting me know my words have been helpful. I'm going to say a prayer right now for you ...

  2. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Thank you again, Dawn. I just re-read this article again (aloud) so I could share your wisdom with my husband.

    1. I hope you both find comfort from what is troubling you ...


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