The Hallmark Series – Signed, Sealed, Delivered

My TV viewing is pretty eclectic—it ranges from series about cops, CSIs, and lawyers to science fiction and Masterpiece Theater. I don’t care for silly shows or anything overly sweet or predictable. But I do have a fondness for the Hallmark channel and some of the new series being produced.

My latest guilty pleasure is Hallmark’s Signed, Sealed, Delivered series. The creative force is Martha Williamson, the same person behind Touched By An Angel.

The setting is a post office where four employees track down intended recipients of undeliverable mail (due to addresses that are missing or mutilated). The USP service actually has dead letter departments, now called “mail recovery centers.” However, I’m sure any of these real departments aren’t anywhere similar to the fictional one created for this show.

These four mail detectives go to unusual lengths to deliver the mail, and they end up getting involved in the lives of the people who both send and receive delayed letters or packages. The results save lives, solve crimes, and reunite people.

The characters are endearing . . . Oliver, their leader, is intelligent and commanding. Beneath his old-fashioned attitude and manners is a man of faith who is loyal and kind—a romantic. Shane is the new member of the team; she tries to bring them into the current century with technology.  She and Oliver occasionally have conflicts, but part of that is due to the growing attraction between them. You see, Oliver’s wife left him and has been living in Paris for some time. He’s held out hope that she’ll return, but everyone else realizes that’s not going to happen. Shy Rita has a photographic memory, and Norman is a master at conventional research. They both have feelings for each other, too, but are afraid to admit it.

The story lines aren’t believable, but the mix of humor and drama provide episodes that are both fun and touching.

If you’re looking for TV viewing that makes you feel warm inside, I highly recommend this series—currently showing Sunday nights on the Hallmark channel. Check your local listings.


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