Small Acts of Kindness

Small acts of kindness—gestures that brighten the day and lift the load. Have you observed any lately? Have you been the giver or receiver of kindness?
This week I struggled with some technical issues pertaining to the blog for writers that I co-host and write with several other authors. We wanted to create a widget—a button for the blog called Seriously Write. None of us are very “techy,” so I offered to work on solving the issue.
I reached a certain point and then hit a roadblock. I thought of someone who might be able to help and contacted her. She wasn’t obligated to do anything. But, she not only provided written directions, she resolved the problem and then expressed that she was glad to help. What had caused me to hit my head against the wall turned out to be a simple fix for her.
Small matter to her—but to me, it was huge. Not once did she make me feel that I was a nuisance. I was grateful for her assistance—and her kindness.
She’s not the only person who’s helped me out with technical issues. An acquaintance works for Blogger, and I contact her whenever I have problems. With cyber smiles and a gracious, willing heart, she’s always taken time to answer questions and help out. Her kindness has made my life easier.

Someone opens and holds the door for a woman with a stroller in one hand, and a child in another.
A young man shovels or snow-blows a neighbor’s driveway on a cold, winter day.
An elderly woman is given a ride to a doctor’s appointment by someone who attends her church.
An appreciative parent writes an encouraging note to a stressed-out teacher.
A friend offers to take a new mom’s baby for a few hours so she can rest.
A meal is cooked for a family going through a tough time.

These may be small acts of kindness that may not take a lot of effort on the giver’s part—but they can mean so much to the receiver.
Have you observed any acts of kindness lately?
Have you been the receiver?
Have you offered an act of kindness?
This week, think about the small things you can do to brighten someone else’s day.


  1. Hey Dawn. I loved this. It makes sense you would write it since you are this way too. Thanks for the lovely post. O

  2. Awww ... thanks so much, Ocieanna! I appreciate your comments. :-D


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