His Princess

Were you one of many who stayed up late or got up early to watch the royal wedding between William and Kate?

I did neither, but I’ll admit that I watched television clips on morning TV shows leading up to the wedding, as well as broadcasts following the event.

Like many women, I waited to see the dress. And Kate didn’t let me down. It was stunning! She was stunning! 

I was glued to the TV when Charles and Diana married. She looked nervous and shy walking down the aisle. It’s nice to see how loving and comfortable William and Kate’s relationship seems to be—and how much more at ease with her new role Kate appears.

Why are we so interested in people of royality? Why do we want to know what they wear, what they eat, or who is invited to their weddings?

What little girl has never wanted to be a princess? I grew up reading about Cinderella, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Snow White, and Repunzal—to name a few! Now little girls also want to be Belle, Jasmine, and Ariel. Older girls may hope to become the homecoming or prom queen. There’s just something about a diamond tiara and a flowing gown that makes a female feel special.

Not all—but many of us—have dreamed at one time or another of our own Prince Charming. We want romance. Whether we admit it or not, many of us desire to be loved and protected by a strong, dashing man. And who wouldn’t give up cleaning toilets to live in a castle?

We may not live in a palace. Or wear a jeweled crown. But we're still part of a royal family, and our King rules over a kingdom that can't be compared to any other. 

With God as my Father, I am a princess. His princess. And with God as YOUR Father, you are too…unless you’re a prince, of course.  

Excuse me while I go look for my tiara.


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