Book Review - Whisper on the Wind by Maureen Lang

Whisper on the Wind is a historical romance set in Brussels, Belgium, at the height of WWI. It’s 1916, and Isa Lassone, a Belgian-American socialite taken out of the country by her wealthy parents as the war began, sneaks back into the country.

The young woman is there for one purpose—to rescue the man she loves and his family. Edward was a childhood friend, and his mother, Genny, always paid more attention to Isa than her own mother ever had. But since Edward refuses to leave, so does his mother and younger brother. Edward shows no sign of returning Isa’s romantic feelings, but she’s also determined to stay.

Isa works with an American official to gain access to her home, now occupied by German soldiers. The soldiers are forced to leave, with the exception of a major, injured and recuperating. Genny and her youngest son also move into the house. Edward (having survived a German work camp and presumed dead) must live elsewhere, taking on a variety of aliases. In his pursuit to liberate Belgium, he’s involved in an extensive secret network that prints and distributes the underground newspaper La Libre Belgique.

Wanting to help Edward’s cause and her beloved country, Isa becomes involved in the distribution of the underground paper, putting herself in danger—especially with a German officer living under the same roof.

Whisper on the Wind is the first novel I’ve read that’s used a World War I setting. In the past, I’ve been drawn to books set during World War II. Since this was a new time period for me, and since I’m not a history buff, I didn’t mind that a lot of historical facts weren’t woven into the story.

In the beginning of the story, Isa is likeable enough, but she’s also naïve, immature, and seems to be oblivious to real danger. Given that she’s very young and lovesick for Edward, it does make sense that she’d take some risks without being concerned for her safety. However, as the story progresses, Isa begins to display great strength and courage.

The German major’s presence in the house adds tension to the story, but his growing friendship with the inhabitants is also a testimony to the fact that people are people—no matter what side they’re on. They can love … and they can experience pain. This story also reminds that God loves us, no matter who we are.

This isn’t just a sweet romance. There are lives at stake, and the story includes suspenseful moments. It is a story about courage, friendship, sacrificial love, hope, faith … and forgiveness.

I thoroughly enjoyed Whisper in the Wind, and if you enjoy Christian historical romance … I think you will too.

Maureen Lang is the winner of several writing awards, including the romance Writers of America Golden Heart award and the American Christian Fiction Writers Noble Theme award. She lives in the Midwest with her husband and three children. To find out more about Maureen, visit her website at

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