Thankful Beyond Thanksgiving

Soon the house will be filled with the tantalizing smell of turkey roasting in the oven. Freshly baked apple and pumpkin pies will sit on my counter, tempting anyone passing by. Scented spice candles will burn, and a fire will roar in the fireplace, making the family room even cozier. Family will gather in our home to share Thanksgiving dinner.

Despite all the work that goes into making a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, I’ve heard some people comment that it’s their favorite holiday. Why? Time is spent being thankful for what we have, as opposed to Christmas, when people often focus more on things they’d like to have.

I think it’s great that we set a day aside to think about our blessings. But why is it that we need a specific holiday to celebrate them?

What would happen if we listed everything we’re grateful for first thing in the morning—before getting out of bed? The downside is that we’d probably need to set our alarm for a much earlier time. The upside—we’d probably be happier and more content every day of the year.

I’ve known wealthy people who were miserable. And I’ve known poor people filled with thankfulness and joy. Matthew 6:21 says, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (NIV).

God has provided me with abundant blessings. I don’t want to go a day without recognizing and being thankful for all that he’s done for me.

I want to be thankful beyond Thanksgiving.


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