The Power of Appreciation

Everyone needs and wants to feel appreciated. But how good are most people at showing it? How often do we neglect to express appreciation, even though it has the power to affect another person in a positive way?

I use an online pharmaceutical service because the medications are mailed to me, and the cost is cheaper than walking into a local pharmacy. This week I called to get my prior health insurance switched over to my current provider. My experience? Let’s just say it took four calls before I finally figured out how to maneuver through the automated voice system and connect with a live person. I explained what I needed and was transferred to someone else.

The rep understood my situation, but asked if I could hold while she checked with another team. She came back later, explaining she needed to get permission from a supervisor, and put me on hold again. Later – MUCH LATER – she returned, profusely apologizing for keeping me waiting such a long time. She explained that she'd worked her way up the chain of command before receiving confirmation that she could do what was required to switch me over.

I could tell by her voice that she expected me to “go off” on her. Instead, I thanked her for the help, and told her I really appreciated her persistence in getting the issue resolved for me. I could “hear” in her response the smile on her face and the release of tension in her shoulders. I knew because of being told that her efforts were appreciated, she was able to hang up the phone feeling good about herself and her job.

I always thank customer service reps and tell them I appreciate their help, regardless of how frustrating my issue may be. Why? Because I’ve been on the other end. In a previous job, I rarely had to call customers. But when I did, most often I had to deal with very irate people. It’s hard to be yelled at when you had nothing to do with creating the problem, and you’re only interested in getting it fixed.

Showing appreciation shouldn’t be limited to where, or to whom it’s given.

I try to acknowledge my husband and my grown kids whenever they do something thoughtful or helpful. For instance, if my husband cooks dinner, picks up groceries for the week, or washes my car - I thank him. If a friend does something nice for me, I give them a sincere thank you.

Showing appreciation relays that you don’t take the other person, or what they’ve done for granted.

This week, be aware of opportunities to show your appreciation to those around you.



  1. Funny how it doesn't take much effort to bring about a big result. Sometimes it's the simple touch that means the most.

  2. Hi, Jan!

    So true . . . so true. :-D


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