God Reveals Himself

I lay awake in bed, enveloped by warm blankets and the dark night. The clock next to my bed displayed eleven thirty. Rain falling on the roof above provided a comforting sound. A reminder of God’s presence surrounding our home . . .

The Holy Spirit communicates to my spirit and soul through music. But God reveals Himself through the sights, sounds, and smells of His creation.

I loved thunderstorms as a child. I still do. The strong winds, rolling dark clouds, lightening, and thunder speak to me of God’s strength and awesomeness.

Delicate, beautiful cherry blossoms fill the air with their fragrance, and somehow the sweet scent gives a sense of peace.

A weed grows through a crack in the sidewalk and is a sign for me that He has more than enough resources for any situation.

Did you know that ants have the ability to carry up to 50 times their weight? God not only provides what we need to carry our burdens, He’ll carry them for us.

A rainbow arched across the sky is a reminder that God doesn't forget His promises.

Notice the veins in a leaf, the center of a flower, and the intricate markings on an insect. God cares about detail in creation. Take heart that He also cares about the details in our lives.

An ugly caterpillar is freed from a cocoon and emerges as a beautiful butterfly. God desires to release us from our own prisons. We only need to ask.

Observe a bird in flight as it rests on an air current. When we’re weary, we need to rest in the presence of God, and He’ll lift us up.

Watch snow softly fall and know that as each flake is different from the other, God also created us to be unique. He values us as one-of-a-kind.

Listen to a child’s laughter . . . and hear God’s joy.

See. Hear. Smell.

God will reveal Himself to you every day in so many ways . . .



  1. Thanks for sharing that. It really spoke to me. And springtime speaks of ressurection with every new bud that opens or green shoot that pushes up through the dark earth. Yay God!

  2. Thanks, Diane!

    I appreciate you letting me know it was meaningful for you. :-D

    I agree! Spring does remind us of the resurrection. What a beautiful time.

    Yes! YAY God!


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