Following a Dream

I believe in following dreams.

I believe God places dreams in our hearts to fulfill a purpose.

It’s up to us whether we’re willing to study, train, sacrifice, or climb over large obstacles in order to achieve those dreams. But the reward – the reward brings peace and a sense of fulfillment. The feeling that we’re doing what we’re called to do.

While my grown daughter, Brooke, and her husband were visiting this week from New York, they went to see another married couple they’d been friends with for thirteen years. When Brooke first met them, all three were students at a local martial arts school. They trained together, moved up the ranks, and later taught the younger students. The young man, an accomplished black belt, dreamed of owning the school himself.

He graduated from college, but the school wasn’t available, and he went on to work in banking. But it didn’t satisfy the desire in his heart. Eventually, he was able to take over that very same martial arts school, which had been run into the ground by another owner. Since then he’s worked hard to build the school’s reputation back up.

This young man waited, but he didn’t give up. Today he’s happy doing what he believes he’s called to do. Train and mentor kids through martial arts. And he’s great at it.

I get soooo excited when I hear stories of people following their dreams!

This week I continued to work toward fulfilling one of my dreams, which is to work from home, editing and writing full time. The very thing that causes some people to experience anxiety, energizes me.

After a year of preparation and laying down a foundation, the business license is hanging on the wall, the Web site is up, and I’m open for business at Faithfully Write Editing. You can access the site at

No – I haven’t left the day job yet. But I’m a few steps closer to focusing exclusively on what I believe I’m called to do. :-D

What are your dreams?
And what are you doing to follow them?



  1. Anonymous9:30 PM

    I am encouraged by your tenacity to keep working toward your dream. I have wanted to write for a few years, and written a few things- but have stalled my dreams of this -but after happening on to your makes me realize the passion that it will take to move forward and that working toward your dreams takes a plan...
    thank again..Misty Hassell

  2. Hi Misty!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    My experience is that if a dream lives deep in your heart, you won't be able to let it go. It will continue to tug on your heart strings.

    But yes ... dreams don't come true by just hoping that they'll happen. It takes stepping out and trying a few things. And hard work. And lots of patience. LOL!!!

    What are you interested in writing? There are wonderful organizations out there that can help give you the tools and the support. I belong to ACFW - American Christian Fiction Writers. I can't begin to tell you how much I've learned - not to mention the wonderful friendships with other writers that I've made.

    Blessings to you!


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