What's So Bad About Feeling Good?

Tis the season. So the other day I warned my husband that I’d set the DVR to tape a fair number of Christmas movies scheduled to air on the Hallmark channel, assuring him none would interfere with anything previously lined up.

With a teasing grin, he reminded me that I’d be watching them by myself. Hallmark movies are too sappy for him. I understand, and I’m okay with it. At least he doesn’t roll his eyes and groan.

I watch and enjoy a wide variety of movie genres; comedy, science fiction, romance, adventure, mysteries, suspense, fantasy, martial arts, and foreign. Okay, foreign may not be a genre, but I still added it in. If the movie is well done, it’s possible to actually forget you’re reading their lines. I tell the truth.

“Hallmark movies” have almost become another genre. The term has been used for any movie that tugs on the emotional heart strings.

Sure . . . these movies can be cheesy and predictable. There’s always a happy ending. Boy wins the girl’s heart, or vice versa. The farm – or town is saved. Torn relationships are mended. Love prevails.

The bottom line . . .

They make you feel good.

I’m a romantic, and watching a Hallmark movie gives me a little hope that people can be better. That the world can be better.

And sometimes I wonder if they give a small glimpse of how God would like our world to be. A world where relationships are put ahead of careers, kindness prevails, and close families are the norm.

Think what you will . . . but after a hectic, stressful week at the office . . . I’m going to cuddle up in front of a fire with a bowl of popcorn, a box of tissues, and turn on the Hallmark channel.

After all, what’s so bad about feeling good?


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