In the Most Unlikely Places

I recently visited my daughter in Brooklyn and took this photo while on a walk. The building stands in an area along the water, just across from New York City.

We both stood and looked at this unusual situation. How could vegetation grow in such a small space, feet above the ground, in less than a handful of dirt?

God’s creation is miraculous in how it can even thrive in an imperfect environment.

We’re part of that creation, too. And we’re called to spread the good news about God’s love to people who may not want to hear it—who can’t hear it—or who are afraid to hear it.

Try talking to someone about a God they believe doesn’t exist, has let them down, or couldn’t possibly love them. It isn’t easy. The situation is less than perfect.

Are there times when you want to give up because your words don’t seem to make a difference?

* Possibly a co-worker who you’ve tried to befriend makes fun of Christians.

* Maybe your teenager tunes you out and refuses to go to church.

* Or perhaps your spouse is making it difficult to maintain a home with values.

I’m a firm believer that before sharing my faith, it's important that I first show that I care about the person. Showing is more important than telling. I believe developing relationships opens doors to discussions and offers opportunities to build credibility.

I also believe that regardless of how adamant a person is that this whole God thing is not for him/her, that somewhere in their heart of hearts is a little patch of soil. It may not be much, but it’s enough for a small seed to be planted. And with patience, love, and tender care that seed can grow in what may seem to be even the most unlikely places.

Don’t give up.

Be patient.

And keep spreading those tiny seeds . . .

One day a garden may grow.


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