Slime in Your Heart?

When I moved to Seattle from Minneapolis fifteen years ago, I exchanged the Minnesota state bird—the mosquito—for spiders and slugs.

Slugs vary in color, but around here, they’re usually shades of brown to black. They come in a variety of sizes, from tiny to HUGE. Really. I’ve seen a few that resembled small snakes. And that’s not much of an exaggeration. Our native banana slugs can grow to 10 inches long and weigh a quarter-pound. And they can eat several times their body weight each day.

It’s amazing the ugly creatures, who move sooooo slowly, can cover a lot of territory. You’ll find them lounging on your deck, climbing up stairs to your front door, or resting in the shade of a freshly watered plant.

I take an odd sadistic sense of pleasure in pouring salt over their bodies and watching them dehydrate into pools of mush.

Slugs love to eat flowers—especially my petunias—and they leave their slime on the chewed leaves as their calling card. Even those planted in pots and placed higher above ground. It’s frustrating to see the blooms and leaves chewed to nothing over night after months of giving them tender, loving care.

But we’ve had a bit of a reprieve this summer. The higher than normal temperatures have driven slugs farther underground. They don't like the sun's light or warmth. They prefer a cool, dark, and damp environment.

It’s pretty much like the slimy stuff in our own lives.

You know. Those things that creep up—ever so slowly—but somehow still manage to eat away at what’s good and beautiful in our lives, leaving a bit of slime on our hearts and souls.

Do you struggle with envy?

Perhaps your friend has a better job, makes more money, and seems to have it so much easier.

Maybe you’re the last person in your group of friends still trying to have a family.

And what is it with some woman who have a metabolism that allows them to eat whatever they want without gaining a pound—or exercising. Soooo not fair!

Maybe pride is your downfall.

Or anger.

It could be anything.

Sometimes we won’t let go of those destructive creatures. We enjoy holding on. We choose to stay in the dark. And then we mope or get depressed because we can’t understand why our happiness is not genuine or full.

Sometimes we DO want to change. Unfortunately, throwing salt all over our bodies won’t kill our imperfections.

But there is a way to be free of them.

Stay close to the Light and bask in the warmth of the Son.

Jesus will forgive. And He’ll give us the strength needed to fight whatever is ugly in our lives.

Lord, cover me with Your salt!

Have a great week. And next time you feel one of the "uglies" coming on - just visualize yucky slug slime. It may help!



  1. i used to live in northern cali. i remember the first time i saw a banana slug, i yelped from shock and being grossed out. and the brown slugs were just all over our driveway and patio. i never threw salt at them, but i believe my husband did. amazing! (but yuck) :) who knew there was spiritual application in slugs? but i guess there is application in everything.

  2. Hi Jeannie,

    I can sooo relate. The first time I walked out of our house on a cool, rainy evening and saw one on our top step, it freaked me out!

    Yep, if you look at things from different angles, you can pretty much find a spiritual application to "almost" anything. However, some things may need to be stretched a bit. ; )

    Thanks for visiting!

  3. Well I live in Canada and I've never seen any slugs around here but we sure do have a lot of mosquitoes! You could borrow some of them:)
    Great post Dawn! Sometimes sin slips into our lives without us even noticing, it's so important to renew our focus on living for Christ each day. Cause when we depend on ourselves to get by we just make big, slimy messes out of everything.
    These days God is teaching me to trust in Him with everything, no matter how small....and slowly I am beginning to see the changes in me. I am so glad that He is so patient with me!
    Anyways I just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your blog, it is very inspiring to me as I strive to live each day for our Lord.

  4. Hi Carolyn,

    Thanks for your kind words! I'm so glad you're enjoying the blog. That does my heart good. :)

    And... ahhhh . . . thanks for the offer, but you can keep the mosquitoes. ; )


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