When God Takes Something Away

When God takes something from your grasp, He's not punishing you. He's merely opening your hands to receive more.

I read that statement on someone’s Facebook page tonight.
Think about it . . .

We can hold on to jobs, money, material possessions, bad relationships, and even dreams so tight, we can’t see how crippled our lives have become.

When we lose something important, it can feel like God just ripped it from our hands. Even more so if the loss is unexpected. We may become angry, depressed, or bitter. But if we can trust that our loss may become our gain, then God can do a work in us and for us.

Sudden unemployment may open the door to a more rewarding position.
A loss of material possessions may bring an appreciation for a simpler lifestyle.
Letting go of a bad relationship may free you to discover a healthy one.
And turning our dreams over to God will allow us to embrace His perfect plan for our lives.

Are you clutching something so tight that you fear if you let go, your world will fall apart?

Take a deep breath.

One by one, release the tight grip each finger has on whatever it is you think is so important. Feel the tenseness in the muscles ease.

And then with open hands, receive what God has in store for you.

Have an awesome week!



  1. You're an awesome person, Dawn. God will open many doors for you with an attitude like you posess.
    God Bless - Ernie

  2. Thank you, Ernie! I appreciate your encouragement.


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