Never Too Young or Too Old to Make a Difference

Brenden Foster is only 11 years old.

Brenden is dying from leukemia and doesn’t have much longer to live.

And Brenden has inspired thousands across the world to help feed the homeless.

One day he was on his way home from one of his clinic appoints in the Seattle area and saw a large encampment of homeless people.

He wanted to help. “I thought I should just get them something.”

But, he was already too sick to leave his bed, so volunteers passed out 200 homemade sandwiches on his behalf.

"They're probably starving, so give them a chance," he said.

Through the media, people have heard about his desire all the way to Saudi Arabia. He’s received wishes, encouragement, and prayers from all over.

And Brenden wonders, "Why at so young an age? I could have done more. But if it has to be now, it has to be now.”

People are losing jobs. Or scared of losing their job. Last night’s news report told how the number of Thanksgiving dinners that need to be provided for people this year has grown by astronomical numbers compared to what was provided only a year ago.

Because he’s touched the hearts of people, they’ve done what they could to help make his wish to feed the homeless come true. One woman told him that 20,000 cans of food were collected and donated to a local food bank in his honor.

Why have people chosen to be generous during a time when many are struggling to survive financially?

The answer is so clear . . .

Because even though he’s dying, Brenden is more concerned about other people than himself. His attitude toward life puts things into perspective and teaches an important lesson.

It’s not all about “us.”

His unselfishness is a reminder that we’re not here on earth to serve ourselves. It doesn’t matter how young we are – or how old we are. We all still have the capability—and the need to reach out to others. We all have a purpose.

Is there someone you could help today?


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