Road Construction Ahead

Road construction here.
Road construction there.
Road construction everywhere!

It’s summer. And summer brings with it even slower traffic, torn up pavement, and the need to maneuver around orange barrels.

It seems to be worse this year. No matter which road I take to work, I’m forced to pay attention to signs telling me to stop, drive slowly, or take a detour.

I try not to become frustrated, but there are days when it’s very difficult not to arrive at my destination weary of the hassle.

One day I actually had to use my cell phone to reschedule an appointment – twice – because I was delayed by two hours!

Okay, maybe that’s the exception.

But, it seems to take forever to complete improvements to our roads and highways. In the meantime, we plod along.

Instead of grumbling, I know that I should focus on the end result, which will help make travel – and my life – more pleasant.

Like road construction, most things that are beneficial come from hard work and sacrifice. They also take time to come to fruition.

You can’t obtain a college education within a week.

You can’t lose ten pounds without sacrificing favorite foods and sticking to exercise, regardless of how much you’d like to.

You can’t find your dream job without exerting time and energy into preparing yourself, and then actually applying for that position.

If you have somewhere you want to go in life, think about road construction.

The road may be bumpy and it may take you a long time to arrive, but hang in there.

The end of the journey will be worth it.


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