Enjoy Parties?

I recently came across new reality shows on the Lifetime channel that hooked me in.

“Top this Party: Orange County” and “Top this Party: Las Vegas” follow elite party planners who throw elaborate, excessive events for the extremely wealthy. There’s no budget or limit to what the hosts will spend. They think nothing of spending mega thousands on one event.

Party planner in Orange County, Brian Dobbin, dealt with a woman who’d recently divorced and wanted to throw a singles bash. The Coast Guard wouldn’t allow the party to be held on a yacht if they were going to roast a pig over an open fire, so Brian’s head was almost taken off by his client. But, the event was moved to a mansion on land. The wealthy woman and her wacky assistant also wanted to make a grand entrance. The assistant went berserk when she was told it would be logistically impossible for them be brought in by helicopter.

Brian “Breakfast” Rice threw a bash for another party planner in Vegas. She wanted to show hundreds of employees her appreciation by giving them the experience they work so hard to provide for others. The guests dressed in period costumes and arrived in carriages. Their employer, dressed as Marie Antoinette, greeted them on a red carpet. A clear dance floor was constructed over a design made from three thousand pastries. Gift bags included expensive wine and diamond stud earrings.

I was drawn into the drama surrounding these two extravagant bashes. The women throwing the parties were so demanding and out of line, I couldn’t help but wonder if they were for real. I’m afraid they probably were. But, from what I’ve read, upcoming segments will include more reasonable and appreciative hosts.

The enticement to watching these shows is the final product. These parties were creative, beautiful fantasies come to life. It takes a lot of work to put a small party together. I can’t imagine the details and the amount of organization it takes to pull off something so elaborate.

But, no amount of planning…no amount of money spent…and no amount of talent brought in could make a party better than the one I’m going to.

My Father is going to throw a party to top all parties. At this event, God will welcome all His children to the banquet table of eternal life with Him.

This celebration will be more extravagant than what we could ever imagine. Our senses will be indulged like never before. The food will be like nothing we’ve ever tasted. It will be beautiful beyond belief. Music and laughter will be heard without end.

Want to come?

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