Love Letters from My King

How would you respond to love letters from a king?

Letters full of understanding, encouragement, comfort, and acceptance.

Wouldn’t they just wow you?
Make you feel special?
Help you believe that you, too, are part of the royal family?

One of the special gifts I received this Christmas was from a close friend. She gave me a small book by Sheri Rose Shepherd called His Princess – Love Letters from Your King. This treasure contains beautiful photographs and about ninety short letters, each based on a Bible verse.

The writings are Sheri’s interpretation – based on scripture - of what God might say to us if He were to pick up a pen and put His thoughts and feelings down in the form of a letter. I love them because they are so personal. Words found in the Bible become even more intimate. They help reveal His character and just how much He cares for me.

I’ve joked for years with my husband and friends that I’m a princess. With God as my father, I really am a princess. And with God as YOUR father, you are too…unless you’re a prince, of course. :)

A member of the royal family,


  1. Hi Dawn, I need to get my hands on a copy. I've heard of Sheri's book. Great concept!

    Another of His princesses,

  2. Hey Dawn. I ordered this book and I just love it! It's a great devotional aid and every time I read it, I'm amazed at how God meets me in it. This morning? Tears as I read the affirming "love letter from my King." Thanks for sharing about this book.



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