Silver and Gold Friendships

“Make new friends,
but keep the old.

One is silver and the other gold.”

I still keep in touch with friends I grew up with in our small Wisconsin hometown. We may only send Christmas letters and photos, but it’s still a way to share our lives with each other.

In college I met another group of wonderful people. This summer I received word that one of my roommates died from cancer. The other three roommates (the five of us had shared a house) were able to be together for the funeral in the Midwest. Although I’d not seen the friend for many years, I deeply felt the loss. It was difficult for me to not be with the rest of my “roomies.”

I’ve lived in the Seattle area for thirteen years, but still keep in contact with two friends back in Minneapolis. Jane lived next door and we raised our five girls together (her three and my two) from the time they were babies / toddlers until my family moved to the Pacific Northwest. I met Barb when our youngest were both around four years old. We don’t call often, but when we do, several hours can slip by before we hang up. It feels like we’ve never been apart.

Even though I’m blessed to have amazing friends here, I’ve also strived to do my part in keeping long distance friendships alive. But, not everyone has been willing or able to put in the effort it takes to maintain the relationship. I understand. People’s lives are full and it takes a lot of energy just keeping up with daily life!

Some things – like certain friendships - are meant for only for a season. That’s okay.

I still think about friends from my past and wish them well. How can I not? They’re a part of my history and why I’ve become who I am. They’ll always be a part of me.

Yes…one is silver and the other gold.


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