Finding Purpose in New and Unexpected Opportunities

Have you ever turned down a request because it didn’t fit into what you normally considered “your thing”?

Have you taken a step back and reconsidered what God might have in store if you were to say “yes”?

I recently experienced a door opening to a new and unexpected opportunity, and it became apparent that I was supposed to step through.

I don’t remember exactly when—maybe almost a year ago—I was approached and asked if I’d consider being a mentor for young mothers attending the MOPS (Mothers of Pre-schoolers) group being held at our church. If you’re unfamiliar with MOPS, the group exists to provide friendship and support for young moms. They meet twice a month to hear a speaker, discuss what they’re dealing with in their lives, share tips, encourage each other, and develop friendships. Childcare is provided so the moms have a few hours to focus on their own needs.

At that time, I had a good excuse to say “no,” so I didn’t have to give it another thought.  The meetings were held on Wednesday mornings, and I was committed to spending every Wednesday with my grandchildren while my daughter was at work. In my own way, I was already being a mentor to a young mom.

But then the unexpected happened.

The door creaked open again when my friend told me that in September 2017, the meetings were changing to Monday mornings. She asked me to reconsider being a mentor when they gathered again after a summer break.

Two days later, the door swung open farther when my daughter shared that she and her husband had reworked their finances, enabling her to follow her heart’s desire and stay home with her children. She wouldn’t be renewing her contract at her place of employment, but instead would be leaving her job mid-June.

To top it off, she and my son-in-law asked if my husband and I would be willing to take the two kiddos for one overnight a month. Would we ever!

Why was this an indicator as to where God was leading me?

For three years, I’ve driven an hour one way each week to spend time with my grandson, and since last December, baby granddaughter too. Because writing and my freelance editing business is done primarily from home, my work allows me some flexibility. But four days out of the month were devoted to driving and taking care of my grandchildren.

Now, I’d still have time with my grandkids, but I’d only drive maybe once or twice a month north to see them. And the MOPS group meets less than five minutes from my house.

You see what I’m saying? Without sacrificing time with my grandkids, God showed me that I could still have time to devote to other young moms.

So, here’s the other thing. Would I have sought out getting involved in MOPS? No. I never would have even considered there might be a place for me there. I’m a grandmother—I don’t have little ones anymore. I had no clue that mentors were needed.

But God reminded me of something else . . .

The theme for my historical romance, Hope’s Design, is using our God-given gifts, and the story raises questions on what it means to be accountable for them.

I have training in support counseling. Any personality profile or gifts assessment tests have shown that I’m a good listener and a natural counselor.

I mentioned the opportunity to become a mentor to my friends and my two daughters. The response was the same: You should do it. You’d be good at it.

Yeah …  I was feeling a bit convicted about the need to serve as a mentor.

So, come September, I’m jumping in.

I don’t know what’s up ahead, but I’m excited about it! I have to believe that God has some awesome things in store! This new opportunity will give me purpose where I never dreamed I’d find it.

How about you? Are you contemplating trying something new? Are you hesitating? If so, do you know why? What might help you decide if the right answer is yes or no?


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