Hope’s Design—A Young Woman With a Dream

Today is another big day for me. Hope’s Design, Book 2 in The Daughters of Riverton series, is now available for readers. Hope’s story picks up in the small town of Riverton in 1904, two years after my novel, Sarah’s Smile, takes place.

Hope has big dreams of becoming a fashion designer and seeing her designs included in the popular women’s magazine, The Delineator. Published out of New York by the Butterick Company, the magazine contained articles of interest to women, and it also kept ladies up-to-date with the latest trends. Along with promoting fancy “duds,” the company included clothing that could be made by using Butterick’s patterns.

But like many of us “dreamers,” success doesn’t come fast or easy for Hope . . . 

The back cover copy for the book:

In 1904, Hope Andrews, an aspiring fashion designer, struggles with leaving New York City. But with no job, her parents leaving the country, and an abusive ex-fiancé refusing to accept their broken engagement, Hope doesn’t have much choice but to give in to her parents’ wishes that she move far away and live with her cousin indefinitely.

Talented Benjamin Greene can’t deny his passion for painting, but guilt over a painful incident in his past keeps him from sharing his gift. Instead, he devotes much of his days to helping his younger sibling rebuild a farm inherited from a great-uncle. Only his brother is aware that Ben spends his spare time in a studio on their property.

In the small rural town of Riverton, Wisconsin, Hope and Ben can’t help but be thrown together. But as feelings for each other deepen, tension thickens over how talent should be used. Their mutual passion for art brings them together, but will it also drive them apart?

There’s plenty of tension in this story as Hope has a difficult time understanding why Ben can’t see that he needs to use his God-given talent—especially when she’s trying so hard to use her own.

Hope’s Design raises many questions. For instance:

1. How do we handle envy when we see others around us achieving their dreams but the door keeps closing on our own?

2. Hope longs to find someone who will support her dreams. Would you marry someone who wasn’t enthusiastic about your aspirations?

3. When Hope’s designs are rejected, she tries to trust God to show her the path he’s designed for her. How can having faith in God’s divine plan help us through disappointment?

4. Hope comes to a point where she must ask for help with her designs. Are there situations in our own lives that might have gone better if wed been willing to ask for help?

5. Have there been times when weve held back on sharing our gifts/talents because we’ve been afraid of not being good enough, or that others might criticize our work?

6. How are we being accountable—or not accountable—for the abilities God has given us?

Hope’s Design can be found on Amazon in e-book and paperback.

If you have a chance to read this latest novel in the series, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the story. Thanks!


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