Don’t Be Afraid to Remodel Your Dream

If you’re like me, you get totally sucked into watching shows on HGTV that show wonderful transformations of old, ugly buildings into updated, inviting, beautiful homes. There’s something about that creative process that is so intriguing.

Some years ago, my husband and I decided that we wanted to convert our small family room and kitchen into a comfy space where family and friends could stretch out. We not only expanded those two rooms, we added a dining nook and a home office.

In order to make those changes, we first had to be willing to live in a mess. Both of us need “order,” and to have our home turned upside down was a challenge to our psyche. We basically lived in the second story bedrooms for almost six months. A makeshift kitchen created in the garage consisted of a refrigerator, a microwave, and a box of paper plates. 

During construction, some walls were demolished—others were built. The kitchen was gutted. Furniture was given away to make room for new. However, the end result has been a wonderful blessing in our lives, and we’ve never regretted the sacrifice of living in short-term chaos.  

More recently, we plunged into remodeling the first-floor bathroom. Faded and peeling wallpaper was stripped and several coats of paint were applied to fresh walls. A new sink, countertop, fixtures, lights, toilet, and artwork were added. The renovation completely altered how I feel when I walk into that room. 


The exterior of our home undergoes constant change. Each year, we seem to remove or add plants. Some years ago, we tried all landscaping in the backyard. This summer, we’re putting grass back in on one side of the house because the design we tried in that area no longer works.

All of these decisions have taken time, energy, finances, and sometimes backbreaking labor. Some have made us uncomfortable—others have required sacrifice. Yet, all have been worth it!

My dreams as a writer have also been remodeled over the years. 

Some of my articles, devotions, and short stories have been published. However, the initial dream was to have my novels accepted by a large traditional publisher. Although my fiction manuscripts generated some interest, none sold.

But publishing has drastically changed over the last several years, and God has made it clear through a variety of experiences, conversations with big-name authors, and “ah-ha” moments that my path is to self-publish. The change in direction has required me to “remodel” my dream into something more current, workable, and in line with my gifts and personality. This evolution of my dream also requires being willing to gain knowledge and take on more responsibility. It sometimes feels a bit overwhelming—yet still exciting!

If we’re struggling to make our dreams come true, we may need to ask ourselves:
  1.  Are we willing to live in chaos for a short amount of time in order to create something beautiful in our lives? 
  2. Are we willing to sacrifice finances, time, and energy to reach our goals? 
  3. If needed, are we willing to deviate from the original plan and “remodel” our dreams?

Are you trying to reach a goal by doing the same thing over and over, but getting little to no results? How might your dream need to evolve in order for you to achieve it?



  1. Great post, Dawn! I was just thinking the other day about your remodel. I remember when! :) Love how you tied the two types of remodeling together. So uncomfortable! But in the end, so worth it. And these pics? Love!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Annette! I appreciate your comments. You understand living in an "uncomfortable place" while working toward goals. :-D


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