Missed Opportunities Needn’t Be Lost Opportunities

“The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago.

 The second best time is now.”  ~ Chinese Proverb

Have you ever said no to an opportunity or put something off, then later wondered “what if?”

Maybe you couldn’t say yes at the time because of circumstances—your health, responsibilities, finances, fears, or other people believing you couldn’t or shouldn’t.

But what’s stopping you now?

Sure, some things might be impossible to some degree. But what if you could open that door again? What if even getting a small taste of what you passed up could be better than not experiencing it all?

For example, it might not fit into someone’s current life to become a photo journalist and travel around the world, but taking classes and looking for ways to use photography within one’s family or community could be a realistic goal.

I recently met a woman who wanted to be a missionary nurse as a child. She became a nurse, but she never made it to the mission field. When she was around seventy years old, she got  involved in helping refugees who had arrived in the United States, and she realized at that point in her life, she’d actually become both a nurse and a missionary.

Regret is a sad word. I’ve experienced some regrets in my life—things I said or did that I can’t take back—even some things out of my control. But I strive to live with as little regret as possible. I don’t want to live with a lot of “what ifs?” Do you?

Maybe it’s time to go plant a tree …

Are you living with any regrets or what ifs that could be changed?



  1. Love the proverb you shared at the beginning! A call to action :)

    1. I love it, too, Mary! It's one that has stuck with me for a long time. Quite thought-provoking!


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