Why Purpose in Your Life is Seasonal

There are a myriad of reasons why our purpose in life is seasonal and changes with time. Some of them: physical abilities, health issues, additional experience or education, moving to a new location, etc. Sometimes we need to involve ourselves in a purpose for a short time to not only give something, but to receive something …

When my daughters were younger, I was a stay-at-home mom. While I loved that privilege, once they were both in elementary school, I felt a tug in my heart to do something. I didn’t want a full-time job, but I did have a need to contribute.

We lived in the Minneapolis area at the time. One day, I happened to come across a notice in the newspaper that the Dakota County Sexual Assault Services were taking applications for women who wanted to become volunteer advocates and support counselors for sexual assault victims. I’ve never been personally affected by that type of crime, but I felt a nudge within to apply.

After I was accepted into the program, I went through months of training before being allowed to take hotline calls. I was good at it, and my involvement grew. Over time, I took crisis calls, provided one-on-one support counseling, trained new advocates, facilitated support groups, and was hired as an assistant to the director.

 Most of the advocates weren’t comfortable working with teenagers, but that was my strength, so I was often called by high school nurses in the county to counsel teenage girls who had been date raped or molested by family members. Another advocate and I provided presentations on sexual assault to hundreds of high school students. I sat on a board for Child Protection Services with other service providers and collaborated with women associated with domestic violence programs.

My eyes were opened to a world that existed outside of my safe cocoon. I was able to offer compassion, support, and understanding to hurting women. But I received their appreciation for a listening, nonjudgmental ear—their trust—and the honor of participating in their healing process.

After three years of my involvement with the services, my husband was transferred to a job in Seattle. After arriving, I was encouraged to apply to the sexual assault services program provided here. As much sense as that made to some people, in my heart, I knew that season was over … It was time to move on.

Change can mean having to let go. We like to stay in our comfort zones, so the fact that purpose is seasonal can be scary. It can also be exciting! If I’d never risked applying for that advocate position, I wouldn’t have grown or experienced the blessings I did through that experience.

Heres another reason to get excited. If were not in a position to do exactly what we want to today, or even next year, it doesnt mean that well never be given the opportunity. We arent stuck in the same season forever! Our situation can change! And in the meantime, we can take steps to help make that happen.

As you move into another season, if you cling to what you had before, you may miss out on new, wonderful opportunities. Let go and be open to what God has for you today!

Please share your experiences. Have you gone through a change in season? Are you facing one now?



  1. I've been in seasonal changes for 10 years! I do not always feel ready. But two things I have learned--it is never too late to fulfill your purpose. What God has begun, He will finish. Love the article, Dawn. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Gail, thanks for stopping by. Yes!!! It's never too late to fulfill what you believe is your purpose. But I also believe that we serve a purpose every day ... even if what we do seems trivial. Small things can be big things in someone else's eyes. :D

  2. I know what you mean. I have degrees in art and education and had some success with both. I was a commissioned artist and even exhibited in a museum when I became unable to work.

    When I got better, I returned to the corporate world and moved up the ladder, taking more and more stress until my health broke again. But this time, it wasn't art that drew me (no pun intended), it was writing. I've been pursuing that dream for ten years now. And I've never looked back.

    Dawn, you are compassionate and gentle, I'm sure those girls were blessed to have you to turn to at that horrible time in their young lives. I know I'm so thankful to call you friend and I think this purpose definitely shows the marks of God's calling. I know He'll bless it.

    Hugs! (Didn't mean for this to be so long!)

    1. Thanks for you kind words, Angie! They touch my heart and encourage me in so many ways.

      I've seen examples of your artwork, and they're amazing! So much talent! I've wondered at times why you haven't continued in that arena. I guess I just assumed that writing became a larger pull on your time. Unfortunately, we can't do it all! Nor are we supposed to try. Our purpose is indeed seasonal - and like you - once I started down the writing path, I knew I couldn't go back.


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