Sparkling Glass

Like most people, I don’t use fine china or crystal for everyday dining. Actually, I don’t even own a set of china. But I have acquired a variety of lovely glass bowls, vases, serving dishes, and goblets. Some of them are heirlooms, passed down from relatives no longer with us.

I display the pieces on glass shelving in a large, oak hutch. When a light within the unit is turned on, the glassware sparkles and reflects off the mirror that covers the back of the hutch.

Some of the dishes are used when we have guests, but others can go months without being touched. I realized last weekend that it was definitely time for a thorough cleaning. Despite everything looking beautiful a few feet away, a close-up view (with my reading glasses on) showed a layer of dust on the shelves and a film covering dishes rarely used. Yuck! I removed and washed each piece until it gleamed. Now with the interior light turned on, the glass inside sparkles.

Isn’t that a great example of our lives and relationships?

We can go about our day, thinking everything is cool. From a distance, our view looks great! Our marriages seem to be on solid ground. The kids are doing well. Our friends surely know that we care and are available should they need us. We’ll still be “tight” when we get around to spending time with them. Right?

What if we took a closer look?

Do any of our relationships need a little TLC? A little tender, loving care? A little cleaning up?

Sometimes, it doesn’t take much.

A hug and a word of praise can put a grin on a child’s face. Saying a heartfelt “thank you” for a helpful gesture can make a spouse feel appreciated. A phone call inviting a friend to meet for a cup of coffee can open the door to mutual sharing.

What small thing can we do this week to help make our relationships sparkle?



  1. Just experienced that this week, Dawn, when I had a chance to connect at more length with a friend I know from church. What a difference those conversations can make in bonding closer together and bringing a healthy shine back into the relationship. Thanks for this great post, a reminder to keep doing that! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Annette. :-D We both experience busy schedules, and each day there seems to be more to do than what we can fit into waking hours. But taking time out for relationships is vital to our emotional,physical,mental, and spiritual health. I really believe that!


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