Guarding Your Dreams by Gail Johnson

I’m so happy to have Gail Johnson as my guest today. Gail is a friend and writer who has a heart for God, and although she struggles with health issues, she continues to pursue her dreams. I know her words will inspire you to do the same! ~ Dawn

Guarding Your Dreams

Dream thieves come in many forms—time, lies, abuse, depression, disease, perfectionism, and marital issues—just to name a few.

A dreamer must guard his dream.

Where would we be if dreamers had given up on the airplane, the automobile, electricity, or the telephone? 

Now go back even further to biblical times … We’re given wonderful examples of how important our dreams are to our heavenly Father, and what can happen when we don’t let challenges and discouragement get the better of us.

Joseph was a dreamer. As a teen, he shared his dream with the family. But his dreams were not cherished. Instead, they were met with jealousy, ridicule, and disdain. Heart-breaking? Yes. There is nothing like being told your dreams are worthless. Dreams give us a reason for being.

But their hatred for Joseph wasn’t enough. They threw him into a pit, then retrieved him from that pit and sold him into slavery. Next stop was Egypt.
Being made to feel you don’t matter is a dream thief. God cares deeply for his children and their dreams.

Potiphar purchased Joseph and made him overseer of his household. The Bible says that Joseph found grace in his sight. Unfortunately, not everyone in Potiphar’s house was as loyal as Joseph. When Potiphar’s wife failed to entice Joseph, she lied. Potiphar threw him in prison where he met and interpreted the butler and the baker’s dreams, only to be forgotten and left to remain in his confinement.

The temptation, lie, and incarceration were dream thieves. Add being forgotten and you have a good case for the mulligrubs!

Dwelling where we haven’t a choice can be a dream thief. But Joseph didn’t take it to heart. He kept serving God, the Dream-giver while waiting

Two full years later, Pharaoh had a dream. The absent-minded chief butler remembered his promise. Joseph was brought from prison, interpreted the dream, and became Pharaoh’s right-hand man. He married, gathered corn during the years of plenty, and had two sons whom he named Manasseh (causing to forget) and Ephraim (fruitfulness or double fruit).

Joseph grew where he was planted. A little cliché, I know. But it was exactly what Joseph did to guard the dream hidden within. And it worked!

Joseph remembered his dream when his brothers came to Egypt looking for food and bowed before him over twenty years later. Neither time nor circumstance robbed him of his dream.

God is also the Dream-sustainer. He is well able to take care of our dreams if only we trust him.

The latest thief, for me, is a disease. There are days when I struggle to complete a sentence, flip names and numbers, and forget every rule of grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Days I want to give up writing—and do! Some days, I backspace more than I spacebar. But then, there are days when everything falls into place, I forget my troubles as I bask in God’s mercy, and produce a harvest to feed others.

What dreams are you holding?

What dream thief are you facing in this season of life?

Whatever it may be, don’t give up your dream!

Writing has always been Gail Johnson’s passion. Whether she’s writing songs or stories, her goal is to encourage others. Currently, she is working on her dream to become a published author.
Gail lives on a farm in South Georgia with her husband, two children, three dogs, two horses, and plenty of wildlife.
To learn more and connect with Gail, please visit her online sites:

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