When Someone Tries to Crush Your Dreams

Has anyone ever hinted that what you want to accomplish is stupid? Or impossible? Perhaps they’ve given you a “look” or said just enough to let you know they question your sanity. It can feel like they don’t want it to happen or they think it can’t happen.

How do we handle situations that feel like someone is out to crush our dreams? Not only ours, but those instilled in us by God?

Maybe we start by understanding why someone might swing an invisible—but still dangerous—sledge hammer at us.

Some people look at the future through negative circumstances: therefore, they begin to believe that dreams aren’t possible. So, they may encourage us to look at what they think we can handle financially, physically, or emotionally.

Laziness and not wanting to be inconvenienced can influence people to be less than supportive. Concern that they’ll be asked to sacrifice their own time or money may hinder them from becoming cheerleaders for others.

Fearing change and how they’ll be affected if we reach our goals might cause some people to become dream crushers.

Jealousy can play a big part in someone trying to stop another person from growing and experiencing success.

I believe some people may not support our dreams out of protectiveness. They don’t want to encourage false hope and then see us disappointed or hurt. 

So what can we do?

Instead of embracing doubt and listening to it won’t work or you’ll never … we need to focus on what if?

Remember that “with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26 NIV). When we box ourselves in and always play it safe, we don’t allow God to move in the way he wants to and can. We limit God the Almighty. If he gave us the yearning—the dream—the heart’s desire in the first place, we’re not alone in our pursuits.

God is on our team. We can’t lose!

Have you ever had someone try to crush your dream? How did you handle it? What suggestions would you give to someone who’s experiencing a dream crusher in her life?



  1. Good words, Dawn! Needed this encouraging reminder right now!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Melinda! I'm glad it was helpful. It's difficult to keep plugging away some days, so we need all the encouragement we can get! :-D

  2. You go, girl! Needed the reminder and the pointers. Loved it!

    1. Thanks, Gail! I appreciate you letting me know you enjoyed it. It's so important that we lift each other up.


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