Surprise! It’s Not All About the Destination

That’s right! It’s not all about the destination.

In order to accomplish our dreams, it’s important to dig in, work hard, and focus on what’s needed to reach our goals. We’re certainly not going to realize our dreams if we don’t.

But what about the joys along the way? 

Certainly, as a writer, my dream is to have books published that entertain, touch, and inspire readers. I started seriously pursuing writing about ten years ago to find that its common to take that long to become published. I also discovered that I knew very little about the publishing industry.

That “ah-ha” moment put me on a path where over the course of years I’ve studied the craft and the publishing world, I’ve attended numerous conferences, learned how to create my own websites and blogs, and become somewhat knowledgeable on how to utilize numerous social media sites. I’ve labored to build a foundation for success.

Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? So, where’s the joy in that? I’m never bored! There’s always more to learn. There are always ways to become better!

I’ve gained an even greater treasure in the working relationships and friendships I’ve developed. I’ve met interesting, caring, and faithful people who have mentored and inspired me. We share our lives, our dreams, our disappointments, and we encourage and pray for each other.

I’m on track to publish a three-book historical romance series within two years. But even if something drastic happens to thwart that plan, the road I’ve taken has given me so many blessings.

Let’s not be so focused on the destination that we waste the journey and the joy that can be experienced while on our way.

What about you? What are you experiencing on your road to finding purpose and following your own dreams?


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