Making Dreams Come True - More Than Wishing On A Star

I wish it were as easy as wishing on a star, but some sort of sacrifice is usually involved in making dreams come true.

If our goal is to lose ten or more pounds, we know that we have to eat healthy meals and exercise and forgo some treats. Okay, maybe a lot of treats!

Years of education are necessary to become a doctor, lawyer, or scientist.

Most of us understand that it requires countless hours of practice to become a great athlete, musician, or dancer. The amount of time in the gym, on the field, in the classroom, or in the rehearsal hall can consume one’s life.

What cost are you willing to pay to fulfill your dream?

I’ve struggled with this from time to time. Not only am I a writer, I’m an introvert who is also driven, disciplined, and an overachiever. If I chose to, I could get lost in my imaginary worlds and go for days without talking to anyone.

I’ve had to ask myself if that’s what I really want.

It kind of comes down to balance and not putting off living until later. If we wait for the “whens” and “ifs,” we risk losing out on so much.

Some people suggest that to be a successful writer you must say “no” to other opportunities and keep your butt in the chair. I agree that if you don’t maintain some discipline, nothing will ever get accomplished. Like any job, sometimes it’s necessary to decline requests, invitations, or needs when facing deadlines.

But I made a promise to myself and God a long time ago that if at all possible, my writing wouldn’t come before people. It doesn’t make sense to me to close myself off to write something that I hope will touch lives and at the same time ignore my family and friends.

So, I take phone calls at any time and listen as long as needed. With joy, I accept invitations to meet friends for lunch. I stop what I’m doing to hear about my husband’s day (usually!). I take one day off from work a week to spend precious time with my grandson. What a blessing he’s been in my life!

We can look at some situations as interruptions, irritations, intrusions … or we can view them as opportunities to have fun, build relationship, or help someone.

Yes … pursuing a dream takes a lot more effort than wishing on a star. But maybe we also need to consider if we’re giving up more than we should along the way.

How about you? Are there situations where you feel you’re sacrificing too much? Not enough?


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